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Online Pre-Order shipping question.

I've pre-ordered Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is scheduled to release next week on Tuesday. Is it safe to assume I'll be getting my copy on the day of the release or a couple days later? I ask because the last time I pre-ordered online through Best Buy was back in 2010, and I got my copy of the game 2 days later. Just wondering if Best Buy has upped their online shipping speeds to compete with other retailers.

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Re: Online Pre-Order shipping question.

Hey @BrokenWings.


We don't have the specifics of the release and delivery of this product. At this time, I haven't heard anything about this pre-order.


Could you private message me your order number and contact email, please. I'll forward this to customer service, who has access to order info, so they can advise on the details regarding this pre-order.





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