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Pokemon Anniversary 3ds restock?

I was wondering if there will be a restock of the Pokemon 20th Anniversary 3ds bundle (web code: 10407058) either in store or online? I didn't preorder because I expected at least a couple of units to make it to store level but even the manager of my local Best Buy had no idea what this product even was.
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Re: Pokemon Anniversary 3ds restock?

It briefly showed up as available online this thorugh to the product page and BANG! out of stock.

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Re: Pokemon Anniversary 3ds restock?

yeah they were online today i was entering my credit card info and once i did that they were gone, they should really reserve what you paying for and not sell it while your in the last step. stupid best buy

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Re: Pokemon Anniversary 3ds restock?

Hi everyone,


It looks like the available stock you saw this morning must have been from a cancelled order or two that the stock was allocated back into the system and made available for pre-order.


At this time, we're not expecting any additional stock to be made available I'm sorry. It is worth checking back just in case any orders are cnacelled and that stock becomes available once again to pre-order as it comes up. 


I wish I had better news, I promise I'll keep you posted if I hear anything on my end.

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