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Road To E3 2016 Means It's Time To WIN Games, Consoles & Much More!

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Every June, E3 brings us exciting announcements, and sneak previews from video game manufacturers all over the world. This year we anticipate hearing about fantastic new games from Bethesda, Ubisoft, E3 and more for all of the gaming platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo.


To celebrate, from June 7th - 13th,  Best Buy will be giving away amazing prize bundles.


Some of the prizes available to be won include: Xbox One & PS4 consoles, and games including (but not limited to): Star Wars Battlefront & Tom Clancy's The Division To see a full list of prizes & the rules and regulations, check out our official contest blog.  


How to Enter


You can enter in one of two ways. 


  • The first fun way to enter is on Twitter. Follow @BBYC_GamersClub on Twitter. Complete the #RoadtoE3 story and share your result on your Twitter account timeline.
  • Online: Provide a 200 word essay in the comments section of the blog explaining how long you’ve been gaming and why you need a new gaming console.

You can enter once per day either on Twitter or here on the blog. 


Good luck!

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Re: Road To E3 2016 Means It's Time To WIN Games, Consoles & Much More!

Welp, it's worth a shot! Good luck to everyone else who's entering

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Re: Road To E3 2016 Means It's Time To WIN Games, Consoles & Much More!

I was first introduced to video games as a toddler, watching my uncles play as a yellow-faced, ghost-dodging eating machine. That game, of course, was PacMan on the Atari 2600, the first game I’ve ever played. And as I look back at the beginnings of this hobby – from its humble roots to where it is now – I’m amazed at how far we’ve gone. Gaming is a huge industry; it sells arenas and starts careers. And it’s largely because of dedicated gamers who continued to play games well into their 30s or beyond.


As someone who fits squarely in this demographic (and has a 4-month-old daughter to boot), I am proud to have been there throughout gaming’s evolution, and I can’t wait to share my love for gaming with the next generation. If my daughter ever wants to become a pro gamer, I would be the first person to coach her, her first couch co-op partner, her first multiplayer rival, and eventually her biggest supporter and fan.


People have said that traditional console gaming is dying; that mobile gaming is the future.  But for as long as there’s competition, collaboration, couches and coaches, consoles are here to stay. Game on!

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Re: Road To E3 2016 Means It's Time To WIN Games, Consoles & Much More!

I have been gaming for over 20 years now. It started when my dad won a brand new Game Boy with a copy of F-1 Race and Tetris. He got bored of it after a month and gave it to me and ever since then I have been hooked on gaming. I would spend hours playing it, staying up late at night with a flash light. With my Game Boy I explored different worlds in my home from the Mushroom Kingdom to Hyrule and loved every second of it.

My favourite game for the Game Boy had to of been Pokemon Red and Blue. Every kid growing up in the 90s played or knew of pokemon. Pokemon was one of the first game that I remember spending days and nights obsessing over. I enjoyed every moment of it from collecting all 8 badges, beating the Elite Four, catching Mewtwo (my favourite pokemon), and the Missingno glitch.

I've been PC gaming the most part of this gaming console generation and I think a chance to win a new gaming console would be a perfect way of getting back into console gaming. Winning either a Xbox One or Playstation 4 would be a great addition to my gaming collection and will help be continue enjoying what I love.
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Re: Road To E3 2016 Means It's Time To WIN Games, Consoles & Much More!

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I've been gaming since I was around 4 year old. We got a PC(WIN95) with a SNES emulator at first, then later my mother's friend gave us a NES. I spend hours playing Duck Hunt and Indiana Jones, I never finished the game though. I spent most of my childhood playing nintendos games because it's fun and we invited friends to play together which is way more fun than playing with AI, We played Mario kart 64, Super Smash Bros. 64, star fox 64 and goldeneye together.


Then during my early teenage years, I played Diablo II and Super Smash Bros. melee and Mario Kart double dash for hours. in my mid teenage year, I mostly play shooters games for some reason, I played Counter-Strike 1.6 hours and then I got into the Battlield series on the PS3.


Nowdays, I spend most of my time on PC games and I play consoles games at least once a week. Unless there's a new rpg games on 3ds, wii u or ps4. I can spend hours playing rpgs games. I also enjoy other genres than rpgs, except sport games, but if game has power ups, i might like it too.

I never owned an Xbox console before, if I could win one it would be awesome.

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Re: Road To E3 2016 Means It's Time To WIN Games, Consoles & Much More!

Been gaming for twenty years now. I could use a PS4 because I just got a new game for it even though I don't own the system. Right? Who buys games for systems they don't even own? I do, that's who. I do own a 3DS, Vita, Wii U, Xbox One. Those are all purchases spread throughout the years so I wasn't strapped for cash as I am right now. Too many games to buy this year. And to set the record straight: I'm doing most of my E3 shopping here on Best Buy (check my order history)


As for wanting a new gaming system, I seriously just want to play that PS4 game I got. So hard to justify paying for a new console so I'm entering this contest even if my chances of winning are nil. I have to take what I can get. I'm also going back to school in September again so I'll have less time to work (but enough time to still play games)