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Save $50 on the Nintendo 3DS!

Limited time offer on the Nintendo 3DS, on now for $199.99! Smiley Very Happy




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Re: Save $50 on the Nintendo 3DS!



if you haven't heard there is a price drop on the 3ds its all over nintendo's home page. Its new price is $169.99 August 12th.


Full Press Release:


I have a question though will best bestbuy have price protection if i buy it now?

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Re: Save $50 on the Nintendo 3DS!

Hey there! Thats a pretty sweet deal! I know a couple people have already picked it up at the new price today, expecially because this week it also includes a free starter kit!


I read over that article theman, and it mentions that the price change is for the United States. I have not heard anything about a new price for Canada. But yes if it does happen within 30 days of purchase Best Buy will refund you the difference.



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Re: Save $50 on the Nintendo 3DS!

Depending on if you want the 20 Virtual Console games or not this is a fantastic deal to pick up now.


If you buy it now before the full price drop and connect to the eshop before Aug 11, you get automatically given Nintendo Ambassador status, which is 10 NES VC games and 10 GBA VC games (first-party stuff, too). If they're worth $30 to you then this is a great deal.


If you're not interested in the VC games, then I'd stay tuned for the official price drop.

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Re: Save $50 on the Nintendo 3DS!

Who cares, all these new nintendos suck.



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Re: Save $50 on the Nintendo 3DS!

Actually, it's even more beneficial to pick up before the 12th and receive Ambassador status, since you can still qualify for price protection when it drops on the 12th (which I believe has been confirmed for Canada as well). So buy now, qualify for 20 freebies, and then get your $30 back with a price protection refund when it drops on the 12th. 


I'm stoked myself, very happy to have black box NES classics like Zelda and Ice Climber. Can't wait to see what the rest of the options are. Not to mention that the GBA classics are top tier GBA games, definitely not junk. Also, one more benefit of the Ambassador program is that the GBA games are exclusive. Nintendo says they are a one time Ambassadors only thing, and that they won't be for sale in the eshop later down the line.



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Re: Save $50 on the Nintendo 3DS!

PS Vita will destroy the epic fail that was the 3DS