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XBox One X Project Scorpio Edition - Pre-Order

I have preordered the Scorpio edition Xbox one X, however when I go and check my order in my account it only comes up as a standard version of the Xbox one x, not the Scorpio edition.


I am not sure if this is because at the time when you launched the preorder you didn't have the correct image or information input. However I want to make sure I am actually going to get what I am paying for. 


Is this going to be updated soon? It doesn't mention anywhere that it is the Scorpio edition.



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Re: XBox One X Project Scorpio Edition - Pre-Order



Best Buy Canada has only offered pre-orders of the Scorpio Edition so far.


If what you pre-ordered is the product in the link below (SKU 10740801), you are getting the Scorpio Edition.


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Re: XBox One X Project Scorpio Edition - Pre-Order

Hi Ryan


Ryan here as well. Just wondering did you ever get this figured out? I am in the same boat. Pre-ordered 2 (one for my sons buddy) and they both say just xbox one x 1TB edition but I preordered right when the first ones went live




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Re: XBox One X Project Scorpio Edition - Pre-Order

As per @BBYTerence instruction's above, check the SKU number in your order. If it's the one listed above (which it should be as the Scorpio edition was the only one offered during that time period), then you're getting the Scorpio edition.