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what will happen with my preorder

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So today i preordered the fire emblem echoes limited edition, however, while entering my credit card info, i mispelled the security question. Now the order went through, but obviously, when my card is checked, my bank is gonna reject the order. So, i asked my brother to preorder it using his credit card on his account (we have the same address) , now im aware its one per household, so im wondering what is gonna happen with the preorder. If my thinking is correct, my order should not go through because the card will be rejected, and my brother's order should be fine as that will be the only order to this household. I would appreciate info on what is going to happen, as both orders appear to be in progress, and we only want one order, not two.

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Re: what will happen with my preorder

Hey @boyd23.


When it comes to credit card matters regarding pre-orders like this, I would suggest that you contact customer service and explain the scenario you just described, the sooner the better. You will need to provide them your order number. They would be the ones with access to order info, and they can coordinate with you. I would suggest calling them.;order%20support;contact%20us;en



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