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Return Open FitBit after 30 days

Hi - I purchased a FitBit charge HR over 30 days ago. It worked really well for the first month but since last week it stopped syncing to my phone. I've contacted FitBit and followed all steps to resolve the issue but it is not fixed and I've gone over a week without synced data, which means I'm wearing a very expensive pedometer. Fitbit had offered to replace it but i feel this issie will continue and overall i am very unimpressed with it. I want to return it as this is apparently a known issue - I have the receipt and all accessories that came with it. Is it possible to get a full refund? Thank you.
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Re: Return Open FitBit after 30 days

Welcome to the Best Buy Community Plug-in @Efkp Smiley Happy

I am sad to know that you are experiencing issues with you FitBit's synchronization to your Phone. Is it possible that the charge/sync cable has been compromised?

Although I am unaware of any "known issue" with the device, I am pleased to know that FitBit has offered you an exchange/replacement for your unit.

Sadly there is no return policy for items that are over 30 days as noted in the Return and Exchange policy page on the web site.

I would urge you to take advantage of the generous offer from FitBit, or visit our Geek Squad Precinct with the phone and the FitBit and accessories such as charge cable etc..,to see how we can help in getting your device to synchronize with your phone. there may be a minor charge for this service which will also provide you with 24/7 support for 30 days .Smiley Wink


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Re: Return Open FitBit after 30 days

If you can, I would also try another phone and see if it is an issue with the Fitbit or an issue with the phone.  Otherwise I agree with @Elico47 and you should take Fitbits offer to get a replacement