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What’s your favourite way to break a sweat in the winter?

Fitting a workout in during the spring/summer months is a piece of cake. But once the weather starts to take a turn, it fitbitforce.jpgbecomes a bit more difficult to talk yourself out from under that warm blanket on your couch to get outside and get your fitness on.


With all of the festivities coming up on the horizon (and the food and drink that go along with that), it’s important to make sure that you’re finding ways to stay active so that you’re not filled with regret come January! The good news is, you don’t even have to leave the house – Pilates is my go-to at home workout because it doesn’t require a lot of heavy equipment and targets the entire body. Activity trackers like the Fitbit Force are also a great way to get you to go that extra mile, like taking the stairs or walking to the grocery store instead of driving.




To kick start my holiday health regime, I’ve been practicing yoga daily for the past month. Yoga is an awesome way to get your workout in and calm the sometimes frayed nerves that come with the holidays (not to mention the guilt of eating 10 mini chocolate bars in one sitting around this time of the year… it’s all about balance, you guys).



What’s your favourite way to break a sweat in the winter?

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