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Community Shoutout!

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Hey, everyone!


I just wanted to give a shoutout to a couple people.


*high fives* go to @goofysuperman and @TomBergeron! Thanks for all your activity over the past couple of weeks keeping everyone in the loop with all things movies.


@goofysuperman is our member of the week today!






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Re: Community Shoutout!

WTG @goofysuperman and @TomBergeron :-) High 5's !!


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Re: Community Shoutout!

thanks @Elico47 @BBYTerence 

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Re: Community Shoutout!

Yay thanks! Smiley Happy Glad I can help out fellow movie collectors Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Community Shoutout!

Way to go you guys and "Awesome Job"  @goofysuperman and @TomBergeron High 5's to you both!! Smiley Very Happy