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How To - Accepted Solutions and Kudos

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The Plug-in Community is here to help when you have a question. Whether it’s deciding which tablet is perfect for you, or troubleshooting your network router connection, the Community will steer you towards a solution. We’re also all about recognizing a job well done or in this case, a helpful or informative forum post. Read on to find out more!



                                                      Accepted Solutions 



What is an Accepted Solution?

When you start a new topic, you have the ability to mark the best answer provided as an Accepted Solution. This helps everyone who has the same questions as you easily locate the answer that helped you out the most. 


How do I mark an answer as an Accepted Solution? 

A simple click of a button! More specifically, this one right here:


                                                                              mark as solution.PNG


How can I tell which answers are Accepted Solutions?

Accepted Solution are displayed with a check mark for everyone to see the exact answer that helped make a decision or solve a problem. The question itself will also have a banner that states "Solved! Go to Solution", click on the link to zoom right to the Accepted Solution.






Solutions.PNGSolution Authors.PNGHow can I easily find Accepted Solutions?

Threads marked with Accepted Solutions get shown first in search results and are also featured in the New Solutions board. Simply click the Find More Solutions link to see all the most recent solutions or to conduct a search for a solution regarding a topic you have in mind.


Who is providing these solutions?

Our Top Solution Authors are featured on leaderboards throughout the Community so everyone can see who the resident experts are!



See a great answer that should be marked as an Accepted Solution?

The Plug-in Legends & Community Manager team ( @BBYJuby & @BBYLaura) also have the ability to mark other peoples’ answers as Accepted Solutions – If you see a reply that you think is Accepted Solutions- worthy, send one of us a PM and we’ll check it out for you!









What is a Kudo?

A kudo is a way of recognizing a helpful response or a member who provided information that you were looking for. Receiving a kudos tells you you're doing something right - Best feeling ever! The helpful folks around here think so too, so don't miss giving out those kudos to the deserving ones. 


How do I give a Kudo?

Press this button kudo.PNGto turn it in to this one! kudoed.PNGDid the plus sign turn in to a check? Consider that your job well done too! Smiley Wink

kudo authors.PNGTo Kudo or not to Kudo?

If someone has posted a helpful response or provided you with information you were looking for, go ahead and give ‘em that well deserved kudo! Simply keep in mind that the spirit of the Kudo is to highlight helpful information, not highlight negative posts.


Who are the Kudo Masters?  

Check out the Top Kudoed Authors widget in the sidebar of the community see the authors and the number of kudos received. 


If you're reading this, I now bestow upon you your kudos license! Go forth to kudo away those great contributionsSmiley Wink



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