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A very spooky month in review



So one week in and I've already dropped the ball that BBYBilly so nicely lobbed at me in terms of the Monday High-5 tradition! But lucky for me, it's time for the Month in Review where I get to recognize the best of the best in the forum over the past 30 days.


So who's dressed up at work for Halloween?





I'm rocking the halo today - can you believe NO ONE else on my team dressed up?? No candy for them. More for me Smiley Happy There are some pretty fantastic costumes around the office today though, my favourite being Sideshow Bob! Post your Halloween work-look, I'd love to see who else is braving the sideways glances as they go about their business.


But no tricks, just treats here for the Top Kudoed members of October:


10. @Weskur with 3 kudos

9.   @SuicideAnomaly with 3 kudos

8.   @JoshuaB955  with 4 kudos

7.   @xl with 5 kudos

6.   @Computers_Mike with 6 kudos

5.   @Drum18 with 8 kudos

4.   @yippy_13 with 8 kudos

3.   @Juice0904 with 9 kudos

2.   @Elico47 with 15 kudos

1.   @Drax86 with 20 kudos!


Our October High-5s went to our 2 top kudoed members: @Elico47 & @Drax86 - not that there's a pattern or anything...


black friday sale.PNG

Lots of fun stuff to look ahead to in November: more rain (or snow, depending on where you are!), the NES is launching, clocks are falling back next weekend (helloooooooo 1 more hour of sleep!) and a little thing called Black Friday. We're gearing up for the holidays here at Best Buy in a big way, so keep your eyes out for more information in the coming weeks.


Quick reminder that we still have 5 days left of Charge Up & Play - let's get ourselves through the final threshold and win someone a $300 Best Buy gift card!



Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks for a great October Smiley Happy

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Re: A very spooky month in review

I didn't dress up at work as I didnt want to wreck my constume before going out to get candy with the kids. Also I didnt have enough time to do my hair in the morning to go with my costume