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How To - Register for the Forum

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Why should I register?


While a guest to the forum can browse to their heart’s content, a registered member can do so much more! Here are the perks of registration: 


  • Ask questions, start conversations and respond to interesting threads
  • Connect with other tech aficionados by tagging them in to a post or sending a private message
  • Give kudos to a great post or mark solutions
  • Subscribe to threads or boards that interest you and get ALL the latest sent right to your inbox
  • Registered members also get to move on up the ranks, this means cool roles and added permissions await!


Alright alright, how do I register?


You’ve got a few choices here so I’ve listed them in order of Too Easy – Easy – Give me more of a challenge Smiley Wink


  • Register using Facebook: Simply click on the Connect with Facebook button (found at the top of every page), enter your Facebook details and click Log In.

       **Note – Your Facebook profile picture will automatically become your avatar but you have the option to change it to          an avatar. If you would like to subscribe to threads, simply update your profile with an email address.


  • The Plug-In home page has a Register button on the top right of the page and you can also see a Register hyperlink at the top of every other page. Click on this to choose a snazzy username, fill out some details, an email will be sent to you to verify your email and boom … You’re set! 
  • If you are a Best Buy employee, we have one extra step just for you (but it’ll be worth it)! Note the “If you are a Best Buy employee, please use this special registration page here line at the top of the registration page and follow the clues from there. Hint - You will need your People Soft ID. 



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