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June 2017 Month in Review

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June 2017 Month in Review


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Kudos Leaderboard:


@pikachuforever   - 28


@Drum18   - 25


@Drax86   - 21


@SonicBoom   - 21


@Elico47   - 18


@Leprekon   - 15


@YannickG   - 11


@yippy_13   - 11


@Computers_Mike   - 10


@bjmaxvin67   - 9



Top Solution Authors:


@Drax86     - 3


@Amazing   - 1


@yippy_13   - 1



June was highlighted by E3 2017 and Google Home. For those who were interested, I hope you all added to your video game collectionduring the E3 sale. There will be some in-store demos of Google Home at select Best Buy stores. Click here for more info.


Nintendo announced the SNES Classic! Click here to join the discussion.



VIP sale is on now, and the Boxing Day in July sale starts tomorrow.



Enjoy the long weekend, and have a Happy Canada Day! Have fun!



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Re: June 2017 Month in Review

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Good work everyone and Happy Canada Day!!! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: June 2017 Month in Review

OH man! those suds look good !  Cheers !

Great work everyone :-)


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Re: June 2017 Month in Review

Cheers guys.


Happy Canada Day wherever you may be.