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March 2017 Month in Review

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March 2017 Month in Review


Thanks everyone for a great March. On the entertainment front, near the end of March, several popular steelbook titles were offered/confirmed, so let's hope for that streak to continue! For those of you who play Nintendo, I hope you're enjoying the Switch!


I'm seeing a lot of good Q&A and posts in computers, TV/home theatre, and smart home. There are some great answers there, and we've been featuring a lot of these discussion threads on the homepage. This is excellent peer-to-peer user-generate content; thanks for your participation and offering your expertise! Smiley Happy


I wish everyone a great start to April!



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Re: March 2017 Month in Review

Great work everyone


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Re: March 2017 Month in Review

It's was a great month to be a geek / Zelda addict! Smiley Tongue

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Re: March 2017 Month in Review

Cheers to all for great participation!!Smiley Happy


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Re: March 2017 Month in Review

One team one dream!