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What makes a Plug-In Legend?

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Plug-In Legends


Hello there and welcome to Plug-In!  


Are you new to the Community and feeling your way around? Or you may have been a member for a while but are wondering… who really knows what they’re talking about around here? Fret not! Our Plug-In Legends are absolute geniuses in their respective fields and made of pure awesome. You’ve probably already seen their great work around the Community already and the fancy laurel leaf crest they sport but here is your formal introduction to the program and group Smiley Very Happy



So what makes these Legends legendary?


A Plug-In Legend is a seasoned community member who has shown their passion for tech and fostering a healthy forum discussion by engaging with other members. They demonstrate a high level of leadership and are knowledgeable across their categories of interest. They enjoy being involved with the community and provide thoughtful, valuable solutions to those in need. Legends are not compensated in any way for their involvement and the opinions and expertise they provide are entirely their own. They are great examples of how one is to conduct oneself in the community and a friendly bunch! If you have any questions, your best bet is to touch base with a Legend.  


Check out our current roster of Legends here!



How do I become a Plug-In Legend?


Interested in becoming a Legend? Be warned! We have a long set of rules and hoops you have to jump through Smiley WinkActually, it’s just some basic criteria and a stellar attitude that is required!


If you would like to get involved, send @BBYLaura or @BBYTerence a private message to let us know. A refresh is done approximately every six months and your interest will always be taken in to consideration.


The criteria to meet:


  • Members must have been active for at least 6 months
  • Minimum rank: Luminary 
  • Demonstrated leadership through providing thoughtful & friendly assistance to other members, especially new members
  • No serious infractions (flaming, trolling, or spamming) or bans in the past year
  • User should currently be active in the community (at least 10 posts in past month)
  • Posts are consistently helpful and informative and demonstrate a level of authority in the categories that they participate in (not just one word answers that add no value)


Plug-In Legend Perks


As a Legend, the following perks are made available:

  • Access to the private Legends Only lounge
  • Creating vital Community content
  • The Plug-In Legend title and laurel leaf crest added to their badge so everyone knows just how special they are!




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