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Wildcard Challenge #4 - Create An Urban Legend


Since we're close to Halloween, we thought it would be fun to ask each of you to create your own Urban Legend and we'll see how creative you can be!  Smiley Happy


Each urban legend you submit will count as 10 Charge Up & PLAY points and gets you one entry in to the raffle for Level 4's BIG prize - a $300 Best Buy gift card!


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Re: Wildcard Challenge #4 - Create An Urban Legend

The real reason no one ever gets a good picture of Big foot, is because its actually an alien that crash landed many years ago and is now trapped waiting for its home planet to send help. It uses an electric mind pulse to communicate with its home planet, this pulse causes cameras to go out of focus causing grainy pictures


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Re: Wildcard Challenge #4 - Create An Urban Legend

Sometime in 1988, Russian scientists in Siberia drilled a borehole some 69 kilometers deep into the Earth’s crust. The drill broke through into a cavity, and the scientists lowered some equipment to see what was down there. The temperature was more than one thousand degrees celsius—but the real shocker was the sound recorded by their instruments.

They only captured about nine horrifying seconds of audio before the microphone melted. Convinced that they’d heard the jubilant chanting of a thousand-strong underground community of dwarves and their hammers, many of the scientists quit the job immediately—or so at least the story goes. Those who stayed were in for an even bigger shock later that night. A plume of shiny sparkly fireworks with smoke burst out of the borehole, the shape of a crossed hammers unfolded, and the words “you imbeciles! cease making all that drilling up there! we are mining ore to make underground russia great again but you're ruining it for the rest us down here!” in Russian were amazingly written by the fireworks. (it was really big to fit all those words.) Even though today it is considered a hoax allegedly made by the fantasy nerd community, there are many who believe that this incident really happened; the faint sound of hammers banging and dwarves chanting "for russia!!!" near the borehole area can be heard today..

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Re: Wildcard Challenge #4 - Create An Urban Legend

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Long ago, the tribe of the Mayans made contact with the aliens, the Mayans and the Huksha (Mayan term for aliens) became partners of ideas and technology, the Mayans serves as the brain and the Huksha provided the technology. Years have passed and they have developed weapons that could destroy a planet with just one shot. With all these developments that they have achieve the Huksha became greedy for power, but predicting the effects that the weapon could produce, the Mayans destroyed  the weapon which became the reason to end their friendship. War started Huksha against Mayans but with the technology that the Mayans have acquired from the Huksha they were able to drive them away from the planet. Given the technology that the Mayans have achieved they have developed an anti-radar system to keep them out of the radar from the Huksha the sacred equipment has been taking care of the Maeks (term of the mayans for makers, inventors, creators, etc.).


Now the sacred equipment is being passed down to the family of Nikola Tesla which originated from the tribe of the Mayans, he was the chosen representative of their tribe to create a weapon to prevent the destruction of the world. He was the recipient of all the research from the Maeks  which is handed down generations by generations. It is said that only a strong force field can prevent aliens from entering and detecting our planet and so after years of research Tesla perfected and designed a modern alternating current electricity, which he then developed to create the Tesla tower. Until now Maeks is protecting this sacred invention that Tesla created to prevent alien invasion.